AMS – Hospital placements in Vietnam

The Mission Internship’s Association is organizing with the Montlucon Association Saigon and the Red Cross of Vietnam, some internships in the hospital areas for: doctors, medical students, nurses IDE, students, nursing students, aides, midwives, dentists, hospital executives, etc…

Founded in 1993 by Olivier RODIEN, the Hoa Mai Orphanage assures accommodation, food and education of around 50 poor or orphaned children from 1 to 18 years old. Seven people work all year round in this structure: Director, Accountant, Service Personnel, etc…

Despite the efforts of certain health authorities to develop a good level of care, there remains a lot to be done in a country ravaged by years of war. The Mission Internships Association and the Montlucon Association Saigon are combining their field of intervention in order to support the medical and human exchanges.

Our interns are accommodated at the orphanage and carry out their internships in a general hospital of around 300 beds. This hospital is situated in the city of Long Thanh, half way between Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and the sea of China. This establishment welcomes our French/English speaking interns (French, Swiss, Belgian, British, American etc) since 1996.

The interns will join the Vietnamese care teams in different service areas: maternity, emergencies, surgery, reanimation, traditional medicines, etc. They provide interpreters to facilitate their work.

THE AMSbenefits from a long experience in the field and with the collaboration of the Red Cross it offers a professional package and assures the complete logistics of the internship in Vietnam (Welcome at the airport, transport, accommodation and meals at the Hoa Mai orphanage.)

Our aim is to create friendly relationships between Vietnamese and French care teams, to support technical exchanges like looking further into specific knowledge such as for example tropical diseases or traditional medicines.

It also offers Vietnamese cultural discovery (trips to the Mekong delta and/or on the littoral, visits of course to other medical establishments in Saigon)